Music in pubs and bars increases sales, research finds

Venues that play music see significantly increased sales when compared to venues that do not play music, research commissioned by PRS for Music has found.

On a typical Friday/Saturday night, venues with music had an average uplift of nearly 50%. Weekdays saw an increase of 21%. The average venue that plays music can take £306 more per day on drinks - with this rising to nearly £700 on weekend days.

PRS for Music wanted to understand the ‘Value of Music’ in pubs so commissioned independent research from CGA Strategy Ltd. This research provides an indicator of the ways pubs and bars are using music and the link, if any, to sales. The research was amongst 194 individual venues in September 2011.

They used a sample of music and non-music pubs to provide a comparative base from which to apply trended analysis, with a focus on understanding the value of music on takings. Read a summary of the key research findings.

Recent research from both PPL and PRS for Music found that 77% of small and medium businesses say that playing music in the workplace increases staff morale and creates a better atmosphere and working environment for staff and customers. Read the full findings of the research.

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